Live-In Reception PhoneCalls, Chauf Waitress Trainee, Travel Asst - Beverly Hills, CA

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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City: Beverly Hills, California
Salary: $28


Contact name ronny

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" Live-In " Reception PhoneCalls, Chauf Waitress Trainee, Travel Asst

PhoneCalls, Driving Waitress Trainee Home Ofc Live-in (Los Angeles)
compensation: yes
Work weekly at property then fly weekends every week for business meets as flight attendant to homeowner when traveling accompaniee the employer in all trips, buisness dealings. A personal car will be awaiting you to chauf you and him at resort island stays. I'm the sole owner of a majestic mansion in the west los angeles area, west Beverly Hills. I live there alone. I'm 41, white skinny figured male, very clean shaven always. I do have longer-shaggy hair as a rock singer but "Not".. I'm not one of those.
Just that appearance. I am a bachelor. I don't spend time picking up. I'm tall over 5'10, tiny bellie of 27-inch waist line. I'm very attractive in looks w/ego. Yes, as I had been picked up tons of times when going to niteclubs in younger days. I mean in age 20's up thru my early 30s. So now I'm so busy in life. I don't do that. Well now your thinking the worst. That's good. Please do... I want you to be all that and judge me. Yes do judge me. But realize you need to be all that a bachelor ' needs ' have to become one who " comes onto him".. Realize, that's only after you meet w/me and see for yourself.
You have to "like me" in order to see if this all works compatibly for both of us. I mean, if I don't like you...or even if you "know" this is not a fit... Why would you take the time to "read" all this.. So see selfies of my property. I can pick who I want and select who to hire. It's my property and I'm hiring what I want, in my world. If you don't like any of this, Go look elsewhere.
No professionals needed. This is only as trainee. Very lite work conditions, very pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Non pressure. Not wanting any qualications as you will learn as you go. Be a homebody to home ofc during week for corporate home young estate owner. No other roommates to deal with. No family. U use estate as your own except no outside business ventures allowed at all. Strictly centered into this. This is all 7 days a week. No time off... U should not need it.
not as labor.
U get own large masterbdrm attached full bath connected. Own garage with ample storage for all your furniture since there are several garages connected to the majestic stately property. Sole owner is the only person living there who owns the entire place thats deeply gated. Use only my vehicles. Store yours. Share my groceries.
Your wardrobe, beauty supples paid for. This is learning the way of this employer. As entry-level only, and learn his way of things. Not requiring resumes or high-skills. No, you do not have to present any qualifying background in chauf or other. It's only eyeing a nature of personal compatibilty. Train in to learn as needed.
I need a woman, who after she " has meet me" see's that yes she does like me..from a meeting, then she needs to be able to " come onto me" all social gatherings. To give off a attention getting factor. Because I am always around allot of entertainment press media, on camera photo-ops and news services for entertainment magazines. It's that kind of response. So that's this game. If your enter this showbiz work, then only consider. If your not a woman that does not " take initatives " this will not work. That's what the salary is. And you will wear allot of shear tops, tank tops and summer tight t-shirts in casual. For red carpet shear formal growns will be given to you each time.
Prefer U want to learn each day
things needed as you go. Earn; 28. 4 k mthly. Direct deposit. If you have a resume you over qualified for this. Prior skilled professional, seems likely you find other positions better.. I'm younger than you so no age, issues here. No resume needed. U will train here. This position is 'not for any conservative types nor the shy." It's never modest in dress and never professional. It's adapting to my lifestyle and being assertive in showing you are wanting to hang ' in-arms with me always As a presentation to paparazie photo-ops in press.
It's your attenative, expressive interest while on the job and how you come across when showing attention that wins this. Be a person who shows attention. Start- up personal welcomed. Pay does increase 4 times yearly. No other domestic labor. ( If No interest or Just Not Sure--Don't Bother!.. You Have to Be 100% Sure )… Only considering a confident, Lady that knows want she wants to do and very confident in herself in her decisions. I need that in this home job and her abilities, being as in decision making. What you do, right now in reading this post, is how you are--in real time. If you respond, you should be a quality decision maker to give off that sense to me. This is inside of a showbiz industry and you will be jumping into the limelight of the biz as I have to attend all promotions, studio business meets and awards. Email direct, only if your fully 100% wanting to live this lifestyle. If not sure, why bother. Meantime, I have already moved on to other's posted. Use this email if your sure;